Foodies and Winos in Cinque Terre

At first glance, you’ll mainly find small markets and pizza shops to eat at in Cinque Terre. These shops are fantastic, I mean can pizza ever get old in Italy? No. But If you want to mix things up a bit and step away from the common restaurants around, you can eat fresh caught seafood and drink some of the best white wine of the Liguria region! For all the foodies and winos out there, here are a few hidden gems among these five beautiful towns that will satisfy your food and wine loving hearts!

Restaurant by Billy’s in Manarola

The restaurant sits on the vineyard filled hillside overlooking the town of Manarola. It has fresh and delicious seafood and wine! You can sit inside next to the window or on the cool covered patio for a great view looking out over the town of Manarola.

Bar La Torre Restaurant in Vernazza

Located on the cliff side at the start of the Vernazza walking trail between Vernazza and Corniglia. This restaurant has magnificent food and a gorgeous view the town and overlooking the ocean. Better yet after a full three course meal and wine I was shocked to see the bill be so affordable! And the view can’t be beat!

Buranco Vineyard in Monterosso

The Vineyard can be accessed by first making your way up the walking path that goes over the tunnel separating old and new town Monterosso. A side path will direct you through the old monastery and cemetery. On the other side you will find a sign for the Vineyard. A short walk along the rows of grapes will take you to the tasting area. I went on a rainy day and what better way to spend a rainy day but by drinking wine! The tasting includes small appetizers that blend with different types of wine and very generous pours of each wine you choose to taste. This is an incredible family owned winery. The gentlemen running the family business is very kind and accommodating. I sat for hours tasting all of the wine they had to offer for only 16 euros! Bottles can be shipped back to the states and I recommend getting a few!

Bakery in Monterosso

There is a bakery tucked away in Old Town Monterosso which makes donuts from scratch every morning. At precisely 8 am the donuts will be placed out to purchase. Hurry! You must get there on time because there is usually a line of people waiting to have one these mouth watering donuts and they do not last long! The day I went all the donuts were purchased within a half hour of their existence. Ask a local to point you in the direction of this bakery, they’ll know it. The donuts are a total game changer. Warning: donuts after this will never be the same.

And More…

In Riomaggagorie there is a great place to get drinks called Bar Centrale. The must-have specialty drink of choice are their mojitos. To locate the bar, start from the tunnel that leads to the city from the train station and walk up the hill on the main path (away from the coast). The bar entrance will stand out on your left as a covered patio. After some drinks, you can keep walking up the hill and there is path off to the left side that switches back and takes you up to the top of the hillside for a great areal view of the city. Continue the path down to the backside to get to the train station. 


There are plenty more restaurant options in Cinque Terre I did not mention. If you have stumbled upon some amazing ones I want to hear about it! Please leave a comment if you have recommendations, thoughts, ideas or if you have questions for me about food and wine in Cinque Terre! Make sure to share with friends and family and check out our other blogs for where to visit next! Thanks for reading and happy tasting!



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